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The Adventures of Miles and Freeway Hightailing It to the San Francisco Zoo Book


  • 44 Colorful Pages
  • Also available as an eBook!

The Adventures of Miles & Freeway series will charm children and parents on all their journeys.

In “Hightailing It to the San Francisco Zoo” these two best friends who travel everywhere together set off on a big adventure from their beloved hometown of Brentwood with twists and turns, racing through the streets of San Francisco.  But how they get to the Zoo will surprise you! Come along and see if they arrive in time for the Zoo’s 100 Birthday Party. Oh, the places we will go and adventures we will see!

Miles & Freeway are excited to show children adventures that will take them to magical stories while entertaining them over and over. Designed to engage the inner spirit of children’s imagination with a playful talking car, Miles, and his best friend, Freeway, a talking dog.

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