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What Our Readers Are Saying About US…

“What a delightful book! I loved it! So cleverly written and illustrated. You and your kiddo will enjoy The Adventure Miles and Freeway will take to find just the right Christmas tree.”

Pam F.

“This is one of my favorite picture books to recommend for anyone looking for something fun to read to their little ones. The storyline and illustrations complement the story’s theme. Highly recommend for a Christmas gift under the tree.”

Brenda G.

“Love it!! I read this with my grandson. It is our favorite book about a talking car and dog.”

Ginny G.

“My son and I really enjoyed The Adventures of Miles and Freeway, Finding Christmas Tree Lane. The story and characters are adorable.”

Anne T.

“Super cute, colorful, charming, and very entertaining – my 4-year-old loved me reading to her. When I gave her the book, she touched every picture on every page – so adorable.”

Mary R.

“Awesome read for children. The illustrations of this book are beautiful. This is a book that will be a classic. Children will love the storyline and characters. Artwork is top notch.”

Sally Y.

“This will be a classic that should be shared every Christmas with the little ones and handed down in families year after year.”

Harry M.

“Storytime gold, cannot wait to read about Miles and Freeway’s next exciting adventure.”

Dan H.

“We will put this book under our Christmas tree this year. The characters are adorable. My 5-year-old really enjoyed the pictures of the cute car and dog and that was so precious.”

Tom L.

“The story flows smoothly and I love the artistic illustrations. Fun Christmas book!”

Betty A.