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Mimi Murphy is a children’s book author, music lover, car enthusiast, and avid reader. Mimi enjoys writing children’s fiction with humor and heart. When writing she pulls on her love of adventure and playfulness. Her strong family background has helped mold her characters into lovable, endearing, relatable, charming, and engaging diverse personalities.

Ever since Mimi was a small girl, she love, love, loved reading and that hasn’t changed! She was so excited when her mother took her to their local library and got her first library card – that’s all it took, she was hooked. Reading every page imagining the characters’ voices and what they looked like turning each page with anticipation. She couldn’t wait for Saturday mornings when they went back to the library to find the next book to immerse herself in.

She is an ardent supporter of underprivileged children, military families, and first responders giving away copies of her books and color books at Christmas.

Mimi lives with her husband and growing family in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area along with their beloved King Charles Cavalier, aka Freeway. When she is not writing you can find her on weekends doing her favorite things; entertaining family and friends, traveling, and spoiling her grandkids!